Consular Services: Passports

Applicants for Passports, ETCs and Endorsements are required to visit the Embassy in person, for interview with Mission's Consular/Immigration Officers.

Conditions for issuance of first passport booklet:

  • Online Application Nigeria Immigration web platform
  • Mandatory online payment
  • Passport payment slip
  • Passport acknowledment slip
  • Original Birth certificate (First timers) or Age declaration
  • Two (2) recent coloured passport size photographs
  • Parent's letter of consent for minor
  • Marriage certificate for married women
  • Duly completed guarantor form sworn to before a commisioner of Oaths/Magistrate/High court Judge or consula officer.

Additional requirments for Applicants outside the country

  • Copy of current Nigerian passport
  • Letter of identification from the local Government council, duly legalised by the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja in the case of adults with no legal form of identification
  • No local objection

Passport Re-issue;

Replacement of expired booklets

  • Passport booklet to be replaced must either be 5 (Five years) old, or pages must have been exhusted.
  • Holder of passport must be resident in Spain.
  • Two passport size Photographs of applicant.
  • Applicants must complete appriopriate passport application form online, print and bring relevant confirmation slip to Mission for further necessary action.
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Passport renewal

With the introduction of E-Passport in Nigeria, it is no longer necessary for passports to be renewed upon expiration of five years from the date of issuance of the passport. That is, the old E-Passport is not renewable, but a new passport issued instead.

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Lost Passport/Documents

For Nigerians abroad, the requirments are as follows:

  • Police report
  • Sworn affidavit
  • Copy of resident permit (Copy of lost passport if available)
  • Interview with Mission's Consular/Immigration officer

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Insertion of names of Nigerian children in passports of their parents

With the introduction of E-Passport, this is no longer necessary, as passorts can now be obtained by parents for their children.

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